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COMING SOON: Your Own, Uber-Engaging TV Campaign– WITHOUT the Cheap, Canned Look of So Many Others

One of the biggest rubs against TV advertising is the cost of quality production, OR the sacrifice of quality you must suffer with if you can’t afford good production.

This soon-to-be-released campaign of six, high production-value commercials tell compelling stories that are meant to tickle your tummy or bring a tear to your eye.


Take jewelry advertising for independent jewelers to a whole new level, never before possible in the industry.

Created by top writers David and Joel Ackerman and shot by world-renowned Director of Photography, Jay P Morgan, you simply won’t find production values their equal, anywhere in the industry.


Unleash the business-building power of these commercials on your marketplace and watch brand awareness and sales soar.

You can have the 30-second “branding” versions, or the 60-second “direct response” versions that allow you to make specific offers of your specific products.

And you can mix and match, anyway you want. (NOTE: a small post-production fee is added to the direct response versions to bring in your specific images, offers and messages. Ask for details).

These “evergreen” spots won’t grow old because of their universal appeal, their exceptional production values, your ability to change the offers with the latest, up-to-date merchandise, and because of their built-in seasonality, ensuring that each spot is only seen for a short time each year.

AND… because of the “family look” of these amazing commercials, you build brand awareness without having to run the same spots all the time.

NOTE: Please be aware that the concepts we reveal below, like all of our Turnkey Programs, are copyrighted materials and cannot be used without the express, written consent of Ascend Marketing, as constituted in a duly executed License Agreement. Action will be taken against non-authorized use of these materials.

Here are the occasions and the concepts for which you’ll have these wonderful and compelling copyrighted and territorially protected TV commercials…

  1. Valentine’s Day Basic Concept: ©2017 Ackermania Creative
    WIFE:Can you clean up your side of the bed, I don’t want to ask you again… When will you be home? Just don’t be late. And if you’re going to be late, call please…I don’t know why you get it to go, you never eat the leftovers, they just fill up the fridge…That’s what I’ve been telling you, and that’s fine, but first can we talk about— INT. BEDROOM – DAYShe is in bed reading, while he gets ready.INT. KITCHEN – DAYShe is on the phone.INT. CAR – DAYHe drives in the car, while she nags him.INT. DINING ROOM – NIGHTAs she nags him, she enters the dining room and suddenly stops, looking at something. She is speechless, smiles, and covers her mouth as she begins to tear up.Finally we see, next to roses and hear-shaped box of chocolates is an open jewelery box with GOLD JEWELRY in it.
  2. Mother’s Day Basic Concept: ©2014 Ackermania Creative
    Music.VOICE OVER:


    Because she’s your wife, because she’s the mother of your children…

    INT. ENTRY WAY – DAYA WIFE/MOM helps her KIDS into their coats, as the HUSBAND/DAD walks out the door.Dad comes back as the kids leave, and she hands him his suit jacket.As he leaves again, the kids come back and she hands them their backpacks.Dad comes back as the kids leave, for his car-keys.The kids come back for their lunches, and then the Dad comes back for a kiss.He goes out the door, and then he returns one more time and gives her the jewelry box. She opens it and loves it. Reveal the JEWELRY.
  3. Christmas Holiday Season Basic Concept: ©2014 Ackermania Creative
    Light Christmas-y music, distant jingle bells.Sounds of rustling. INT. STAIRS – NIGHTTwo KIDS in their pajamas creep down the stairs. The younger one, in lead, shushes the older one. Through the railing, they peek into the living room.INT. LIVING ROOM – CONTINUOUSThey see the filled stockings, and smile.Then, from behind the shaking Christmas tree,  emerge MOMMY kissing DADDY in an obviously-dressed up Santa Claus outfit. They keep making out until the tustle into the Christmas tree tipping it over. The kids can’t believe their eyes, and have to cover their mouths from laughing as they run back upstairs.Under the tree Mommy and Daddy keep kissing.By a plate of cookies and milk, reveal the JEWELRY.
  4. Birthdays Basic Concept: ©2014 Ackermania Creative
    Music. INT. BATHROOM – DAYA plush bathrobeTEXT: Bathrobe, 27th birthdayINT. FAMILY ROOM – DAYAn old Health Rider under some clothesTEXT: Exercise Bike, 30th birthdayINT. KITCHEN – DAYAn old juicer next to a fruit bowlTEXT: Juicer, 32nd birthdayINT. ENTRY – DAYPurse hanging on a coat rack, a woman grabs it.


    TEXT: Purse, 33rd birthday


    Pulling out a wallet, filled with cards

    TEXT: Gift card, 35th birthday

    The WOMAN turns around with wallet and purse and looks surprised and speechless.

    Her HUSBAND puts the DIAMOND JEWELRY on her.

  5. Anniversaries Basic Concept: ©2014 Ackermania Creative
    Romantic music. INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHTThe remains of a candlelight dinner are on a coffee table: dirty plates, glasses.By the light of the candles still burning,an open photo album of wedding pictures, along with some left over gift wrapping.INT. STAIRS – NIGHTA tie and man’s shirt around strung about, along with a woman’s blouse.INT. BEDROOM – NIGHTAt the food of the bed, women’s shoes fall. A skirt lands on top of them.A WOMAN’s hand sets the DIAMOND JEWELRY in its case on the nightstand and pulls the lamp string. CUT TO BLACK.
  6. Bridal Basic Concept: ©2014 Ackermania Creative
    GRANDMA:We were just goofing around on the playground…MOM:You know, on the swings, talking, whatever, having fun…YOUNG WOMAN:And then he flies off! And when he walks back he’s got that look in his eye, and I just… INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHTA GRANDMA (80) holds hands with GRANDPA as they tell a story to some family and grandkids around.INT. BEDROOM – NIGHTA MOM (45) tells the story to her teenage daughter.INT. RESTAURANT – NIGHTA YOUNG WOMAN (30) tells her girl friends.EXT. PLAYGROUND – DAYThe Young Woman on the swings looks speechless. A YOUNG MAN kneeling, opens a ring box, revealing a gorgeous DIAMOND RING.


These fully produced commercials will be customized for your store, including your offers, your branding elements, and media buying instructions.


We are currently looking for 20 jewelers to "crowd-fund" the production of these commercials.

The end cost to each jeweler will be ZERO. 

Here's how it will work…

If you're one of the 20 jewelers to commit to the production, you will owe NOTHING untill all 20 crowd-funders have committed to the project. At that time you will then have a payment due of $6,000.

HOWEVER… Once the spots are produced and delivered to you, you will have use of them for LIFE. 

PLUS, receive territorial protection so that no one else in your media market can use these ads.

Finally, you will be reimbursed your entire $6,000 at the rate of 50% of first licence fees (to be divided among the crowd-funders) granted to jewelers outside of your market.

Those licensees will be paying a license fee of $3,000/year.

Once you have received your full investment back, you will still have lifelong use of the commercials and their updates, and the territorial protection to KEEP OUT the competition.


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