Odd Gems Promotion

Odd Gems Promotion™

Give a Gift…Make a Sale with an Innovative Program that Builds Customer Loyalty and Increases Referral Business

This provides you with proven promotion designed to honor best customers, thereby engendering greater customer loyalty and sales among this group, and promoting referral business, as well as immediate business from this important group.

It's also a great promotion to generate busiiness during slower times of the year.


If you are not mailing to your existing customer base at least six times a year, you are not mailing to them enough.

You should be mailing to your best customers even more frequently than that, up to as many as 12 times per year.

Preferred or Special Category customer offers are important ways to get your best clients to do business with you again and again. And failure to ask them to do business with you again could easily result in them finding another jeweler to do business with.


This direct mail program is designed to be sent specifically to a collection of good-to-best clients.

The idea is to invoke the principle of "reciprocation", by giving them an inexpensive gift, then suggesting they come in and do business with you.

In this promotion you will actually give them a unique gemstone. That is the gift. Then suggest that if they would like the stone mounted, you can do it for them. You can expect a 15% to 50% response to this promotion.


Inside your Odd Gems Promotion turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to stand out from the crowd with this innovative mailing.

  • Complete promotion instructions
  • Odd Gems Letter
  • Odd Gems response device & paper pouches-type envelope
  • Scripting for staff to make sure they’re aware of, and on board with, the promotion
  • Consultation to help you customize the program for your store
  • Production services


License the entire Odd Gems Promotion for just $297/year. 


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