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Who Else Realizes that Each Potential Mother’s Day Buyer Could Actually Be 3….?

This promotion provides you with a compelling promotion for Mother’s Day, adaptable to Father’s Day, Christmas and other occasions as well.


Mother’s Day is one of the biggest seasons of the year for most jewelers.

But most consumers forget that there are more “mothers” to buy for than they think.

What if you could turn each Mother’s Day buyer into 3? It is possible, but it won’t happen unless you remind your clients of all the mothers in their lives. This program does that.


This simple postcard (and/or letter) program is designed to be sent in advance of Mother’s Day with an appeal to three target markets.

Spouses of mothers, children of mothers and mothers themselves, who also happen to have mothers.

The hope is to get the whole family shopping for Mother and Grandmother.


Inside your Mother’s Day turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to make Mother’s Day profitable every year.

  • Promotion instructions
  • Postcard copy and design
  • Optional sales letter version of the program
  • Email message
  • Phone script
  • In-store sales script
  • Consultation to customize materials for your store
  • Production services


License the entire Mother’s Day 3-Offer Campaign for just $97/year. 


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