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A Simple, All-in-One Promotion to Generate More Repair Business, New Product Sales, and Buy Precious Metal and Stones at a Fraction of Wholesale

If you’re like most jewelers, you concentrate on one job or one sale at a time. Why not serve your clients at a much higher level, generate multiple transactions all at once with the same client, make more money and save on sales and marketing, all at the same time?

Never heard of such a thing? It really is possible, when you think outside of the “Jewelry Box” with this easy-to-execute, Jewelry Box Audit Promotion


You simply ask your prospects, customers and clients to bring in their entire jewelry collection and allow you to tell them which pieces are worth what!

You’ll be able to identify for them, which pieces should be repaired, which could be sold profitably, which would benefit from repair, and even which ones would be best scrapped!

You’re a hero for taking such excellent care of them, and you can sell repair, appraisal, replacement, re-mounting and custom updating work, consignment deals and out-right purchases.


Offer your clients – and even the general public – a Jewelry Box Audit.

Make sure you either charge for it or place a value on it, because there really is one.

(You’re going to invest some time in this process.) The customer makes and appointment to bring in their treasures and you give them an item-by-item evaluation of each piece, along with a recommendation of what to do with it. Then you top it all off with special offers that compel them to buy, sell or consign.


Inside your Jewelry Box Audit turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to generate more business through this innovative campaign.

  • Promotion Instructions
  • Jewelry Box Audit Print Ad
  • Jewelry Box Audit Marriage Mail Ad
  • Jewelry Box Audit Bag Stuffer
  • Jewelry Box Audit Radio Ads
  • Jewelry Box Audit Direct Mail Invitation
  • Point of Sale Signage & other materials
  • Consultation on customizing the program for your store
  • Production services


License the entire Jewelry Box Audit Promotion for just $297/year. 


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