Insurance Agent JVs

Insurance Agent Appraisal Joint Venture

YOU Already Know Most Jewelry Appraisals Are Out of Date – Here’s How to Cash in on that Fact

Consumers with significant jewelry collections stand to lose on two fronts…

1. If they have too much insurance, they’re paying too much for it. That’s a waste of money.

2. More likely, their collections are UNDER-INSURED, and if their jewelry is lost or stolen, the consumer can’t replace the missing pieces.

You can help solve that problem by working together with insurance agents in your area, to help them serve their clients better, make more money (in most cases), be a real hero… and send you business, all at the same time.


This program takes advantage of the relationship your insurance agent and many like him or her in your area, have with their existing clients.

It helps them make more money and serve their clients better by providing the right coverage to take care of their jewelry investment. And it sends business YOUR way, by an offer “the agent arranges” with you, to have you perform jewelry appraisals at a particularly attractive price for the client.


Expensive, quality jewelry needs to be properly insured for the appropriate amount. But with the shifts in precious metal prices over the last several years, most appraisals are out of date.

What would happen if an insurance agent sent his clients a letter offering your appraisal services at a meaningful discount?

You get new customers coming trough the door, the agent is likely to sell several updated policies, and the clients are able to sleep more soundly, knowing their valuables are protected.

But that’s not all. The agent is likely to be willing and anxious to make such an offer, once your prove yourself a reliable jeweler and appraiser, because he or she will look like a hero in the eyes of clients, and they’ll make money from the policy updates they perform. In fact, they’re likely to do this happily and ask for nothing in return from you, other than the good appraisal work you already do.


Inside your Insurance Agent JV turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to approach potential JV partners and build long-term, profitable partnerships.

  • Promotion Instructions
  • Agent Joint Venture Solicitations Letter
  • Agent Joint Venture Letter of Agreement
  • Client JV Appraisal Solicitation Letters
  • Brochure
  • Tracking Form
  • Consultation to customize this campaign for your store
  • Production services


License the entire Insurance Agent Appraisal JV Promotion for just $497/year. 


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