Incentive-Based Referrals

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Transform Referrals from “Happy Accidents” to Consistent, Predictable, Monthly Revenue


There are many ways to reward your clients and vendors for sending business your way. The key is to make sure you ask for referrals consistently, and consistently reward those who do refer.


You can spend your money on expensive, pay up-front advertising, or you can spend it on cheap, pay-only-for-results referrals.

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, you know that.

With these programs you have several options for rewarding your clients for referring their business friends and colleagues to you, not just today, but consistently, today, tomorrow and beyond.

The idea is to reward your clients in a consistent, systematic way they can count on, for referring their friends and neighbors. It’s a program that will steadily build referral sales over time. And referral sales are the best because referral clients are faster and easier to close, are typically happier, are more loyal clients, and they will typically result in a higher unit of sale.

Four programs are presented here; two are Passive Referral Systems and two are Pro-active systems.


Inside your Referral Incentive turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to encourage your best customers to clone themselves by sending in their friends and neighbors.

SYSTEM 1: Passive “DINNER & A MOVIE” System

  • Passive D&M Referral Letter to Clients
  • Passive D&M Referral Reward Letter
  • Passive D&M Referral Script
  • Passive D&M Referral Card
  • D&M Referral Gift Certificate
  • D&M Referral Reward Certificate
  • Referral Premium Agreements

SYSTEM 2: Pro-Active “DINNER & A MOVIE” System

  • Pro-active D&M Referral Letter to Clients
  • Pro-active D&M Referral Reward Letter
  • Pro-active D&M Referral CSR Script
  • Pro-active D&M Referral Sheet
  • D&M Referral Gift Certificate
  • D&M Referral Reward Certificate
  • Referral Premium Agreements

All programs come with full consultation for implementation, and production services.


License the entire Referral Rewards System for just $997/year. 


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