High-Tech Holiday

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A Proven Holiday Promotion to Substantially Increase the Number and Size of Your Average Transaction and Attract New Clients During the Season

AND just imagine how good it will feel to ELIMINATE DISCOUNTS & RETURNS during this most important time of year for you.

This comprehensive, gift-with-purchase program will take you from Black Friday through Christmas Eve and beyond.

Finally, you’ll have the substance to compete with the big boxes and create enough excitement to have people lining up at YOUR JEWELRY STORE before sun-up. It really could happen!


Jewelers all know that a successful holiday season is almost always the single biggest key to whether your year is successful or not.

Of course, most retailers of all kinds are in the same boat and are doing all they can to make sure consumers spend with them, NOT YOU. More than at any time of year, this is a time when you are competing, not just with other jewelers, but with almost everybody else as well.

Your edge is that you understand the value of making a compelling offer. And when presented well, value-added offers can spur dramatic increases in the number of transactions, increase the average size of those transactions, and help you maintain good margins in the process.


As a jeweler, you deal in a world of sparkle and emotion, and often in a world of “subjective value.” Because of this, prospects, customers and clients sometimes need an “excuse” to spend substantial dollars with you.

The HI-TECH HOLIDAY promotion gives them that excuse, by offering popular, exciting, high-tech gifts with purchase. Things like digital book readers, flat screen TVs, tablets and more.

The High-Tech Holiday substitutes these gifts-with-purchase for the discounting that most other jewelers do. And that makes half the difference. The rest of the difference is in running the promotion long enough to get the most possible bang for your buck.

While other jewelers and retailers will typically hold their big discount or gifts-with-purchase events for Black Friday weekend only, you can keep the exciting offers coming through the holiday season – driving huge traffic through your doors and making massive sales.


Inside your Hi-Tech Sales turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to create the most profitable holiday in your store’s history.

  • Complete instructions for executing the program
  • Consultation to help with implementing and deploying the program
  • Point of Sale materials (signage, banners, buttons, etc.)
  • Rules of the promotion (For full purchases and layaways)
  • Advance Private Sale letter/postcard package
  • Phone script for live or robo calls to Private Sale invitees
  • Billboard art
  • Print advertising art
  • Radio & TV scripts and/or production resources
  • Direct mail art
  • Online marketing materials (email, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Follow-up sales letters to private sale invitees
  • Follow-up sales letters to initial non-buyers from general public
  • January 2nd chance letters/emails to attendees
  • Production services
  • Tracking system


License the entire Hi-Tech Holiday™ Promotion for just $2,500/year. 


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