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Every Jeweler Sells Gift Cards… Few Customers Buy Them. Why? And How Can You Turn This "Under The Radar" Yet Common Services To YOUR Distinct Advantage?


Of course you sell gift cards. Who doesn't? But a bigger question is, why don't customers buy them?

The answer is, they can get better value buying almost anything else from you or somebody else. So why do it?

Yet, the CONCEPT of a Gift Card could be highly appealing to a large number of potential customers, if only you could find a way to make it more valuable. Well… now you can!


Gift Cards don't get sold because people can usually buy an actual item from you at something less than full price.

Selling a Gift Card with a graduated discount – the bigger the gift, the bigger the discount – could change all of that. And that's what this program does.

Wait… Are you concerned about discounting? Don't be…

While discounting a product costs you money, it's highly unlikely that discounting Gift Cards will. All due to the principle of "BREAKAGE."

You see, not all gift cards are redeemed. In fact 30% PLUS are not. Which means you didn't give a discount at all on 30% of your cards. If your average discount is, in fact 30%, you'll break even! If breakage exceeds 30% and your average discount is a little less, you may even come out ahead on the program!


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License the Graduated Discount Gift Card™ Program for just $197/year. 


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