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A "Stealth Marketing" Program that Can Bring in  Hordes of New Customers, Endear You to the Biggest Players in Your Market, and Leave Bigger Competitors in the Dust

One of the big challenges independent jewelers face is being outspent by the competition, and having the competition steal your promotional ideas in the process. Donjahateit when that happens!

Well then, this “Stealth Marketing” promotion allows you to inexpensively fly below the radar, steal massive amounts of business right out from under the competition’s nose, and leave them scratching their heads at how they can be spending so much on marketing but YOU’RE taking all the business…



What if you could bring in tons of new business, and never have the competition know what you’re doing, because you never blast away at what you’re doing in the visible public square?

This program allows you to do just that, by establishing “affinity relationships” with major employers and other organizations in your marketplace. You promote quietly to these groups with the implied endorsement of their management. You make compelling offers, but you protect your price integrity at the same time because the general public – and your competition – doesn’t even know what’s going on!


Employers and other groups are constantly on the look out for ways they can add value to their employees or members.

When approached properly, there is a good chance they will welcome the opportunity to provide their people with your offers. It costs them nothing, makes them look like heroes to their constituents, helps them ward off their competition who may be trying to raid them for talent, AND give you a chance to sell directly to their people without the kind of investment you’d normally have to lay out for mass media marketing. And because your private arrangements are made with private entities, the general public – and more particularly, your competition – doesn’t even know what’s going on.

All they’ll see is their sales trail off, as more and more of these folks make the natural, self-serving choice to do business with YOU instead of them, even if they’ve done business with “them” before.


Inside your Employer Benefits turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to approach potential JV partners and build long-term, profitable partnerships.

  • Instructions
  • Employer approach letter
  • Employee offer certificate
  • Sales presentation & script for talking to employers face-to-face
  • Consultation for customizing this program for your store
  • Production & Distribution services


License the entire Employer Benefit Program for just $297/year. 


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