Dare to Compare

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Dare To Compare™ Program Gives You A Distinctive Advantage Over All Competitors… Brick & Mortar, & Digital…


If you're struggling with identity; if you're tired of trying to make the argument that you offer better service and expertise, only to have it fall on deaf ears; if you're struggling to compete with the big chains, big boxes, the Internet and even other indies like you, odds are you haven't figured out a way to deliver the message that you really are different.

This campaign does that for you in a bold, "smash mouth" kinda way that is also classy and powerful.


There really is a difference between you and the competition. And furthermore, the public would like to know what it is!

This campaign enables you to graphically deliver the differences in a way that draws a clear distinction between "us" and "them," so your prospects can really see, hear, feel and appreciate the vast additional value YOU bring to the table, that nobody else can match?

You don't even believe there's that much of a difference? Maybe. But when you fully implement this program, there will be. And people will be glad to know.


  • Complete program instructions

  • In-store signage

  • Print Ad Campaign

  • Broadcast Ad Campaign

  • Direct Mail Campaign

  • Website content

  • Social Media posts

  • Implementation Consultation

  • Production & Distribution Services


License the Dare To Compare™ Campaign for just $497/year. 


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