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What if You, Too, Could Increase the Success of Your Gold and Diamond Buying Efforts by Over 200%?



Sometimes people need quick cash and don’t know where to turn to get it. You can provide a source of quick cash when you BUY THEIR GOLD jewelry and other gold items.

More importantly, you can do so without making yourself look like a pawn shop or sacrificing your image in any way.


No, you don’t want to look like or be perceived as a “pawn broker.” And with this program that will never be a danger.

This program was tested against more traditional advertising promoting gold-buying services and outperformed them by over 200%

The idea is to present yourself as a true authority and a better, more reliable alternative that is likely to provide greater value than the pawn broker. The credibility afforded by this program will enable you to beat the pawn shops, and your other jewelry competitors as well.


Inside your Buy Gold turnkey package, you’ll find all the materials, scripts, documents, and more that you need to approach potential JV partners and build long-term, profitable partnerships.

  • The simple, proven “Postcard Newsletter” provided with this turnkey program
  • Print and broadcast ads suitable for this promotion, also included
  • Scripts for you and your staff as you deal with clients who want to sell you their gold
  • Consultation to customize the program for your store
  • Production & Distribution Services


License the entire Buy Gold Program for just $297/year. 


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