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Beat The Internet Diamond Husslers WITHOUT Playing Their Diabolical Game



It's estimated that 17% of diamond sales are happening online through sites like Blue Nile. It's been a source of growing concern among independent jewelers for years.

But who says you have to play their game? There are ingenius ways to beat them and have your clients – even the ones who don't know they're your clients yet – love you for it.



Provide a way you can promise to meet or beat any internet price on any specific diamond OR the client get a reward for "stumping" you.

It's easy when you have a supplier that's willing to research any given stone and give you the "inside scoop" on why exactly, the Internet broker is selling it so cheaply. And help you secure the same diamond for LESS, enabling you to SELL it for less.

But odds are you'll never have to.

This program is designed to deliver an important message to your marketplace, that can help you not only beat the online husslers, but the big boxes, the big chains, and all comers besides. And all this while delivering a message of quality and value; not price!


  • Complete program instructions
  • Agreements, forms, etc.
  • Connections to key suppliers and advertising vendors
  • Point of Purchase signage
  • Print & Broadcast ad campaigns
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Website content
  • Implementation Consultation
  • Production & Distribution services


License the entire Beat the Internet™ System for just $997/year. 


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