Be a Hero Joint Venture

Be A Hero Joint Venture

Cheap… Easy… Lo-tech… GUARANTEED WINNER!


You'll be a hero to your friends who own businesses of their own, by making them heros to their customers, clients or patients…

A simple gift-card program that will have people streaming into your store.

But you won't have to have sent them anything, spent money on advertising, or reached out to them in any way. Your friends in business will do that for you...


There are others who want their customer, clients or patients to think they're wonderful. Why not give them a FREE way to endear themselves to their customer base and bring you FREE business in the process? That's what this program does.

By providing gift cards to the local accountant, chiropractor, nail salon, tire store, etc., for them to send to their customers in their regular Christmas or Thanksgiving cards, you generate a ton of new business for yourself, without the expensive advertising that it usually takes.

The system is so simple and powerful, there are a dozen ways to implement it, throughout the year.


  • Complete program instructions
  • Implementation Consultation
  • Art
  • Scripts
  • Production Services


License the entire Be A Hero Joint Venture Program – perhaps the most effective marketing program ever – for just $197.00/year


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