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Be There For Abandoned Customers When Their Old Jeweler Shutters the Doors…

When other jewelers go out of business, they leave "ORPHANS"… Customers that were theirs, who now don't know where to go. Be there for them both before, and after, their former jeweler closes up shop.


You can work with jewelers who are closing their doors to adopt their customers when they shut down. It's a win for everyone, when you play your cards right.

And even if the closing jeweler says no, there are "tricks of the trade" to help you shuttle their old clients your way. This program does it.


The consolidation of the independent retail jewelry industry has been tough on the jewelers who have fallen victim, but could be a boon to the survivors… like you!

When somebody is going out of business in your market, here's a way to help them and their clients as they say goodbye, even as you help yourself. Not every fallen competitor will be open to this, although their foolish if they're not. But this program provides a way to attract their "orphaned" clients, whether they're on your side or not.


  • Complete program instructions
  • Strategies for working with the phone company to secure dormant phone numbers
  • Scripts for approaching the closing (or closed) jeweler before and/or after they exit the marketplace
  • Letters to secure exiting jewelers clients at his or her recommendation
  • Solicitations to secure "orphaned" clients after their previous jeweler shuts down
  • Methods for co-opting a competitor's closing
  • Sample agreements with exiting jewelers
  • Production & Distribution services


License the entire Adopt An Orphan™ Campaign for just $297/year. 


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