5-Facet Guarantee

Set Your Business Apart by Giving Your Customers Nothing to Lose


Lots of jewelers offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee.” Problem is, since almost everybody does it, it means nothing to the consumer. There is no “teeth” in these so-called guarantees.

Not with the 5 Facet Guarantee™…


Now you can truly distinguish yourself from the competition with a performance-specific, written guarantee that is demonstrably superior to anything your competitors offer.

The Guarantee categories below offer a meaningful point of departure, and of course, the program allows you to fully add-to, subtract-from or completely customize the program for your specific needs and market.

1.  Diamond Quality Guarantee

2. Diamond & Gemstone Loss Guarantee

3. Gold, Platinum, Silver or Precious Metals Mounting Guarantee

4. Custom Mode Jewelry Guarantee

5. Money Back Guarantee


Included in the 5-Facet Guarantee program are…

  • beautifully-designed posters
  • banners
  • flyers to help you stand apart in the marketplace.
  • Implementation consultation to help you customize the program for your store
  • Design & Production Services


License the 5-Facet Guarantee™ Program for just $197/year. 


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