Strategic Partners & Special Offers

We're REALLY excited to recommend the following services to help our clients improve their businesses. We've carefully vetted each of these company and the people involved with them because we only like to recommend best in class services providers.  

Each of these companies is extremely ethical and they are, like us, in business to help YOU succeed. As a special thank you to our clients and friends we've negotiated a special financial reward just for you. 


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Turn-key website platform just for jewelers...

These guys are the best website providers in the industry.

They've built a state-of-the-art website platform just for jewelers.

They make it super easy for you to take your online presence and make it a marketing hub which drives real tangible business to your bottom line.

They've seen it all from beginners to the big boys, and their platform works for everyone because they can adapt it in so many different ways to meet your needs. And best of all, they don't just sell you a website, they teach you how to use it the right way. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about their program and see lots of examples, and don't forget to mention my name your salesperson for an additional special incentive. 



You may not have heard of SWIM yet… But You Will…

This best-in-class, cloud-based Point Of Sale System allows you to access all of your important business data, anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. You're not tethered to a computer on a desk. While new to the United States, SWIM is very well known to independent retail jewelers all over the rest of the world. And highly rated as well.

Whether you're tired of the limitations of your current POS, tired of the price, or if you've never had one, SWIM is worth investigating.

What's more, you can try the system for FREE and you only pay based on your usage; as little as $79 a month; never more than $239 a month.

  • No initial set-up fees at all
  • No cost to transfer data from an old system to SWIM
  • No charge for updates! They're all included, always!
  • Flexible and accommodating to your specific needs
  •  An industry INNOVATOR, introducing the latest inventory-control technology
  • Providing marketing assistance and integrating with marketing campaigns and systems

Receive special pricing through Jewelers Marketing Gems & Ascend Marketing, when you CLICK HERE.

And your savings isn't just up-front… it's for life, as long as you use the SWIM system.

SWIM by Octrahedron is an Australia based company which has installations in thousands of jewelry stores all over the world.


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Word of mouth can make you or break you, especially in today's "Social Media" world. You've got to be able to manage your reputation and here's just the service to help you do it…

There are companies out there who will help you manage your Yelp and other review sites. But none as easily as Opiniion. Their highly automated system gets more results, faster, and with less involvement on your part than any other service out there. 

  • Fully automated with 95% of CRM/POS systems (Opiniion runs completely behind the scenes)
  • Reviews to Google in only 2 clicks (Simplicity is key - If you want customers to interact it has to be easy. Opiniion requires only 2 clicks to get feedback from customers)
  • Positive feedback is routed to pages that matter most (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) while negative feedback is routed directly to the management team of the business.

Does your current service do all of this? Is it this easy for your customers; this easy for YOU?

Whether you have a reputation management solution right now or not, you owe it to yourself to check out Opiniion...

And when you CLICK HERE, you'll save on opinion's monthly service, for as long as you use it.



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Better, Cheaper Credit Card Processing, specifically designed for Retail Jewelers, from 1-Step Technologies

It's a constant battle, isn't it? Finding ways to better serve your clients and at the same time cut your costs?

Credit Card processing seems like such a little thing… and not just that, a pain in the neck to deal with, even as your veritably bombarded by service providers trying to capture your business.

Seems like they come and go and if they stay, their rates don't.

But what if there was a Credit Card processing company, specifically designed for jewelry retailers; a processor who knows the jewelry industry, its unique pricing structures and challenges, and which had crafted a system that takes those concerns into consideration, for you.

Well there is such a company and if you're not doing your credit card processing through Radest & Associates, you're probably paying too much and not getting the service you deserve.

CLICK HERE to check them out…