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Jewelers Marketing Gems

Six “edutaining” audio programs that teach you powerful strategies for improving both the sales and marketing of your jewelry business.

This unique audio training program features Jewelry Sales & Management Training icon, Shane Decker, along with the Jeweler's Marketing Coach, Jim Ackerman.

If more bodies through the door and more dollars in the till are your goals, this program is a must… 


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Professional Jeweler Chronicles

Marketing master Jim Ackerman delivers winning strategy after winning strategy in this 90-page e-book chock full of profit-producing value.

You'll be amazed at the innovative suggestions for generating more customers for your jewelry business.




Marketing Gems™ Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program from Ascend Marketing™ Inc.

When you're really ready for a Quantum Leap Forward in YOUR Business

Are you ready to actually take control of your marketing; your advertising; your promotional budget? Are you ready to eliminate guesswork and finally be able to confidently move forward on strategic marketing initiatives? Are you ready to be able to tell those pushy media reps to take a hike, without worrying you might be killing the one marketing ploy that actually works?

If so… if you're really, Really, REALLY ready… this proven and GUARANTEED Marketing Coaching Program might be for you.

But it ain't easy...

You'll get all of the 5 "you-needs…"

  1. What to do
  2. How to do it
  3. Resources to get it done
  4. Feedback to make sure you do it right
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY… to make sure you actually do it.

Hundreds of jewelers have been through this program & have come away, not just with the know-how, but also the "do-how" to dramatically change their businesses for the better.

If you want rock-solid, profit-proven knowledge, skills, systems and habits that will help you "get more customers who will pay you more money, more often™" for the rest of your career.

And if you're willing to invest the time it takes to build all of this over a 6-month or so period of time, perhaps it's time for you to take a closer look into the program.

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NOTE: This program is the only training in the jewelry industry that comes with a 200% ROI Guarantee. Ask for details.



AD J & S

"The most important business-building training program the jewelry industry has ever seen…"


The… Ultimate Jewelry Sales & Marketing Boot Camp Home Study Course…

Discover how to get quickly and easily boost traffic to your store, close more business at higher percentages and size of transaction, and engender unshakable customer loyalty and repeat purchases at the same time.

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We'll help you develop your marketing… These good folks will help you deploy and ethically exploit it!

Regardless of whether you use our turnkey and prefabricated marketing programs, or take advantage of our educational programs to develop your own, the execution and follow-through is best facilitated with help. And the companies and products you see through our Strategic Partnership Alliance have all been vetted and provide some of the greatest values in the industry. All made even more valuable, in some cases, through specials negotiated by us, on your behalf, aimed at saving you money and giving you even greater service.

Check out these partnerships and look for more to come in the future…


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