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If You Want to Quickly Get More Buyers in the Door and More Dollars in the Till, You Can’t Afford to Live without this Extraordinary Training Program…

Jeweler’s Marketing Gems are a powerful 6-session audio training program. These sessions are all delivered in an “edutaining,” conversation between Bill and Jim, both drawing crucial marketing insights and experience out of the other; both delivering powerful principles, strategies and tactics that are proven to generate cash for you. Your audio set comes with a 12-page sample booklet, so you can examine a collection of profit-proven marketing programs that have already made jewelers 10s – even 100s of thousands of dollars!

Discover how to quickly and dramatically improve your jewelry business by…

  • Increase your average ticket, perhaps as much as 30%, and do so as soon as tomorrow.
  • Get your existing customers to come back and do business with you again and again, increasing that frequency of purchase by 10, 15, 20 percent or more!
  • Get new customers to flock in the door, without the up-front expense of traditional advertising.
  • Employ the empowering principle of the Lifetime Profit Value of a customer and 5 key secrets to increase that value beyond what you ever thought possible.
  • Engage the scientific marketing secret to genetically engineer your marketing for ever-increasing success. It’s deceptively simple and is sure to make your jewelry marketing and advertising efforts more effective and more fun.
  • Deploy an incredible, profit-proven, sales-certain system for bringing in hordes of referrals from your existing jewelry clients at a fraction of what you’re currently paying to acquire a new customer, and with ZERO up-front dollars out of pocket.
  • Think like a jewelry customer, which leads to creating powerful, compelling offers your clients won’t be able to refuse.
  • Use the secrets and the system to create powerful headlines that can double, triple, quadruple response to your advertising.
  • Discover a no-brainer, irresistible technique you can use to get your clients coming back an extra one or two times a year. It’s easy, but not one in a hundred jewelers knows about or knows how to properly use this secret for extraordinary private sales.
  • Implement success strategies for using the internet to expand your jewelry business locally, regionally, nationally and beyond.
  • Dramatically improve the results you get from our advertising and marketing, without increasing – and perhaps even while decreasing – your budget.
  • And much, much more!


JewelersJems E1394210651996 300X212Access the entire Jewelers Marketing Gems Program for just $197. 


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