Bill Fifield

Bill Fifield
Licensed, Certified Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coach
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"Bill Fifield taught me most of what I knew of marketing in the early days. His mentoship has been invaluable to me… as it will be to you."

Jim Ackerman, President & Founder

Ascend Marketing, Inc.

Bill Fifield's diverse background in all kinds of businesses are the real assets this MBA from Northwestern University brings to the table. He has worked in jewelry, cosmetics, natural foods and supplements and a dozen other industries, all of which give him the kind of broad-based expertise necessary to accurately diagnose marketing challenges and prescribe the right kinds of solutions.

A highly experienced, Licensed, Certified Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coach, Bill's clients sing his praises long and loud. He brings a patient approach to helping them understand the principles upon which their marketing must be built, then steadfastly helps them develop the skills and systems to implement their plans.