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Jewelers Marketing Gems™ provides independent jewelers with Turnkey and "pre-fabricated" marketing and advertising programs developed using profit-proven principles, strategies and tactics of direct response marketing. In other words, they're designed to get the prospect to buy – or take the next step in the buying process.

Jewelers Marketing Gems is a division of Ascend Marketing, Inc. which was founded by renowned Jewelry Marketing Coach, Jim Ackerman. Jim is an expert at delivering profit-proven, cash-generating ways for jewelers to get more customers and more revenue from the ones they’ve already got, fast and easy.

Jim and the Ascend Marketing team have decades of experience helping independent jewelers in particular, to improve results from their marketing, advertising and sales efforts.

Those who implement Ascend techniques routinely grow their businesses at double-digit rates. And 50, 80, even 100 percent-plus increases are not uncommon, with little or no additional expenditures on marketing.

Jewelers of all sizes have implemented a variety of these turnkey campaigns and marketing strategies with noteworthy success. All achieved by applying simple, sound, common-sense principles of marketing and advertising that have been proven to work–over and over again.

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