Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Jewelry Store’s Marketing, Sales, and Profits?

If your jewelry store isn’t bringing you the profits you want, Jewelers Marketing Gems is here to help with proven plug-and-play marketing campaigns that generate revenue fast and jeweler-specific training to turn you into a marketing master.


Choose from Done-for-You Marketing Materials or Training

Turnkey Marketing Campaigns

License plug–and-play marketing campaigns that have generated millions in revenue for independent jewelers at a surprisingly affordable price.


Sales and Marketing Training

Learn skills, strategies, and tactics that will get more customers to your door…spending more money when they come…and returning over and over again.


Why Jewelers Marketing Gems?

Jewelers Marketing Gems helps independent jewelers around the country
maximize their profits and consistently add value to their bottom line.

Discover the power of…

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    Turnkey Campaigns

    Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can get proven marketing campaigns ready to go.

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    Proven Marketing Strategies

    Do you know the best practices that lead to success in the jewelry business?

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    Expert Advice

    Jim Ackerman is a leader in marketing and sales growth strategies for jewelers.

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    Jeweler-Specific Campaigns

    Don’t try to “translate” from other markets. Get campaigns designed just for jewelers.


“By steadily working on marketing my business using strategies I learned from Jim Ackerman, I went from a typical May of $40,000 to a May of over $61,000. That’s more than a 50% increase, in just one month!” – Bill, Jeweler in NC

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